1.8.4. Export a PDF publication

The export of a PDF publication is done the same way as the export of an HTML publication (see previous chapter), except that you select the output-configuration "pdf" instead of "html":

Figure 1.8.13. Starting a PDF export

The exported publication will be created as PDF file. As for HTML export, you can put the PDF file online by checking the checkbox in the "Online" column:

Figure 1.8.14. Putting the exported PDF online

You can then open the PDF file directly in the browser by clicking on the link next to the checkbox. This will open the PDF publication in a new browser window:

Figure 1.8.15. Viewing the exported PDF publication

A special feature of PDF output is, that you can easily preview a PDF publication in the "Content" workspace without having to start a publication export in the "Publishing" workspace. To do this, switch to the "Content" workspace. Then select the "my_tutorial" publication in the preview toolbar :

Figure 1.8.16. PDF publication preview

You may notice that the "Tutorial" section is now marked with the publication-root () icon. This icon indicates the root of the currently selected publication. Select the "Tutorial" section in the product-tree and click the PDF-preview button . This opens the PDF-preview window:

Figure 1.8.17. PDF preview window

The PDF-preview of the publication-root also includes generated content, e.g. the publication's title page, the table of contents, the index, and so on (depending on the selected publication- and output-configuration).