1.8.5. Export a translated publication

The export of a translated publication is done the same way as the export of an original publication, except that you have to switch to translation-mode first.
In our example, switch to the "Publishing" workspace and open the "Export" tab of this workspace. Then select the translation language "German (DE)" from the head-panel :

Figure 1.8.18. Exporting a translated publication

The list of exported publications is empty again, because we have not exported any publications for the selected language, yet.
To start a new export for the selected language, click the "New Export" button and proceed the same way as described in the previous chapter Section 1.8.3, “Export an HTML publication”.
When you open the exported publication, you'll see that it contains the translated content instead of the original content.
To continue this tutorial, switch back to the original-mode (i.e. select the "Original" entry from the language-listbox ).