1.8.1. Publications

As described in Chapter 1.1, Installation and basic concepts, a publication is a specifc subset of the complete product documentation. In our example, we'll create a "Tutorial" publication which contains the content of the "Tutorial" section. Before we can export a publication we have to create a publication configuration. Therefore switch to the "Publishing" workspace:
The "Publishing" workspace contains three tabs: "Configuration", "Applicabilities" and "Export". Switch to the "Configuration" tab if it is not already opened:

Figure 1.8.1. Creating a publication configuration

The workspace contains a "Publications" and a "Output Configurations" list. To create a new publication configuration click the "New" button next to the "Publications" list. This will open the following dialog:

Figure 1.8.2. Publication configuration dialog

Enter a publication ID, e.g. "my_tutorial". Then select the "Tutorial" section as the content root of your publication. Optionally you can also enter some of the title page fields, e.g. provide a sub-title for the publication, as shown in the screenshot above.
Finally click the "Okay" button to create the publication configuration. You can repeat the steps above and create as many publication configurations as required. For example, you can create a second publication configuration that has the "Reference Manual" section as content root.
Now that you have created a publication configuration, you can export a publication. A publication can be exported in different formats. Each format can have specific output-settings. The next chapters describe how to configure the different output-formats which you can then use to create the publication exports.