Setting the page margins

We'll now describe the steps to create the page design shown above. First of all we need to define the page margins in the PDF output configuration (see Section 1.8.2, “Output configurations”):

Figure 1.13.4. Page margins

On the "Print/PDF" tab of the configuration dialog check the "Print double-sided" checkbox. As a result the inner and outer page-margins switch from left to right and from right to left, depending on whether the page is an even or odd page.
As we want to have more space reserved on the inner side than on the outer side, enter a page margin of 3cm on the inner side and 2cm on the outer side. The body text shall not be indented on the left and no extra space shall be reserved on the right side. Therefore, enter 0 in the "Text start" and "Text end" fields.
The blue page header that contains the running chapter title shall be completely aligned to the top of the page. The footer containing the page number shall be aligned to the bottom edge of the page. Therefore 0 has to be entered in the "Top" and "Bottom" fields of the parge-margin settings. The header and footer shall have a maximum height of 2cm. To have some space between the header/footer and the body text, enter a "Top" and "Bottom" body-margin that is larger than the height of the header/footer. In our example we'll enter 2.5cm.
The screenshot shown above summarizes the PDF page settings.