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To upload a file to an image- or file-folder, select the folder and choose "Upload File" from the context menu. This will open the "Upload Files" dialog:

Figure 2.3.24. Upload dialog

Click the "Browse" button and select a file from the filesystem. If you have more than one file to be uploaded, then repeat this step for each file to be uploaded. Finally, click the "Upload" button to start the upload.
If a filename conflict occurs (i.e. a file with the same name as one of the uploaded files already exists in the selected folder), then you will be asked whether the existing file shall be overwritten or the uploaded file shall be automatically renamed.

Figure 2.3.25. Resolving upload conflicts

If you choose "Auto-Rename", then an underscore character followed by a sequence number is added to the filename of the uploaded file.
If you upload a file with extension ".zip", then Docmenta assumes that this is a zip-archive and you will be asked whether the archive shall be extracted or not. If you decide to extract the archive, you can choose to extract the files into the selected directory or into an automatically created sub-folder. If you choose to extract into a sub-folder, the name of the created sub-folder will be the name of the zip-file (without the ".zip" extension).
In translation mode, the "Upload File" function can be used to upload a translated version of a file. It is not allowed to upload a file in translation mode, if no corresponding original file exists. See Section 2.3.5, “Translating nodes” for more information on the translation of files.
To download a file or folder, select the file or folder and choose "Download File" from the context menu. You will then be asked whether the file shall be saved in your filesystem or be opened with the application which is registered for the format of the file.
When you download a folder, then the downloaded file will be a compressed ZIP file, which contains all files and sub-folders within the selected folder (recursively).