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Switch to the "User groups" tab of the "Administration" workspace. The tab contains three lists:

Figure 2.7.24. User groups panel

In the first list all existing user groups are shown. When you select one user group from this list, then the access rights assigned to this group are shown in the second list, and the members of the group are shown in the third list.
To create a new user group, click the "New" button next to the user group list.
A dialog will be opened which allows you to enter the name of the new user group:

Figure 2.7.25. Creating a new user group

Enter a name for the user group and click "Okay" to create the user group.
You can change the name of an existing user group by selecting the group from the list and clicking the "Edit" button. Alternatively you can double click the list entry. To delete a user group, select the group from the list and click the "Delete" button. To copy a user group, select the group from the list, click the "Copy" button and enter a new name for copied group. The copied group will initially have the same members and access rights assigned as the original group.