3.6.2. Figures

A figure is an image that is rendered as a separate block and has a caption attached. A caption is a title that appears before or after the image. Normally, the caption includes a figure number and/or a short sentence describing the image. The pattern used for figure captions is defined by Gentext properties (see Section 2.3.6, “Gentext configuration”).
In Docmenta a figure is created nearly the same way as an inline image (see Section 3.6.1, “Inline Images”). The only difference is, that the img element must supply the title attribute. Example:
<img src="image/sunshine" title="A sunny day." />
Note that the image size can be specified the same way as for inline images.
A figure should be set off from the surrounding text. This can be achieved by placing the figure as a single element inside of a paragraph:
<p><img src="image/sunshine" title="A sunny day." /></p>
Some output formats allow to place the figure to the left or to the right and let the surrounding text float around the figure. This can be achieved by supplying the CSS property float. Following is an example, where the figure is aligned to the left and the text is placed on the right side of the figure:
<p><img src="image/sunshine" title="A sunny day." style="float:left;" />This is a floating text example.</p>
You may notice that space is inserted between the figure and the text. The amount of space inserted between a figure and the surrounding text can be controlled: To change the default spacing for left-aligned images, change the margin-values of the block-style "float_left". Accordingly, to change the default spacing for right-aligned images, change the margin-values of the block-style "float_right". For more information see Section, “Images” and the description of the block-styles "float_left" and "float_right" in Section 2.4.2, “Pre-defined styles”. Note that these styles also define the floating space for left-/right-aligned tables.
Currently, Apache FOP does not fully support the float property. Therefore, the float property may be ignored for PDF output.